How to Know When it’s Time to Look for a New Position

We have listed eight of the top ways you can assess your situation and decide if it's time to make a move in your career

We’ve all been there – dragging our feet on Monday morning and dreading going into the office. For whatever the reason, your time in your current position is coming to a natural end, and it’s time to move on and find a new position. However, it isn’t always clear if you’re just in a slump or if it really is time to give your notice and look for a new job.

If you wait too long in your current position (especially if you are starting to resent being there) it can have consequences on your future in the freight forwarding and logistics industry. Even if you think you are hiding your negative feelings, your colleagues and managers can probably see right through you. Your interpersonal relationships and performance will start to suffer as a result. You might even find your frustration growing to the point where you ‘snap’ and quit on the spot. That won’t bode well for your career and reputation in the industry.

So, how do you know when it’s time to look for a new position? We have listed eight of the top ways you can assess your situation and decide if it’s time to make a move.

8 Signs It’s Time to Find a New Job

1. You find yourself complaining to your loved ones all the time

Do you unleash a torrent of complaints on your spouse or kids when they simply ask, “how was your day?” Sure, we all have times when we need to gripe about workplace woes and concerns about colleagues. But if you find a way to bring every conversation back to how much you hate your work, it might be time to look into a new position.

2. You don’t feel challenged in your role

You might think that you want a position where you sail through your work with ease, but studies show that humans crave challenge in their work. According to recruitment and workplace expert Michelle Gibbings:

“to stay relevant in today’s world, we all need to continue to grow and be challenged. If there is no more room to grow or expand your horizons, it may be time to step outside.”

3. You want more flexibility

Some corporate cultures are all about providing flexibility for their employees whenever and wherever possible. However, others are more ‘old school’ and want their people at their desks for 40+ hours per week. If you crave flexible working hours to take care of your kids (or for any other personal reason), you aren’t alone – a 2016 FlexJobs survey reveals that 84% of working parents rank flexibility above salary.

4. You aren’t sleeping well

Think of your sleeping patterns as a ‘canary in the coalmine’ – your sleep quality is usually the first indicator that you are stressed, depressed, or anxious. This can lead to a vicious cycle, because poor sleep will then make your workplace woes feel more acute.

5. You feel bored and distracted at work

Similar to point two above (“you don’t feel challenged in your role”), dissatisfaction with your job can lead to feelings of boredom, distraction, and frustration. Even if you do feel challenged, if the role isn’t the right fit, you might still be turning to your smartphone or daydreams a little too often.

6. Your health is suffering

Chronic stress and anxiety can wreak havoc on your health. According to clinical psychotherapist Mayra Mendez:

“in the short term, stress can take a toll on physical health, including increasing blood pressure, triggering headaches, contributing to muscles aches resulting from tension, decreased sleep, and reduced physical activity.”

In the long term, it can lead to heart problems, diabetes, ulcers, and fertility problems. You might also find that you turn to drink or substances to help temporarily ease the stress, or eat too much or too little.

7. You have a short fuse at work and at home

Dissatisfaction with your role, workplace stress, and overall frustration can all cause you to have a shortened fuse. If you’re snapping at your colleagues, blowing up and your boss, and bringing these ill feelings back home,it’s time to look for a new job sooner than later. Otherwise, you risk burning bridges and losing valuable recommendations for the future, or even being fired.

8. You have maxed out opportunities for advancement

If you have risen to the top echelon in your company and there is no more room for advancement, it is time to move on. Why continue to pour your heart and soul into an organization that won’t help progress your career? It’s time to branch out and find a role that will allow you to grow, learn new skills, and increase your salary.

If you recognize yourself in more than one or two of the points listed above, it’s time to research and apply for new roles.

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