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Each member of the senior management team is like a unique piece of a puzzle. ‍They must fit in otherwise it simply won’t work.

Chief Operations Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Executive Vice President
Finance Director
Vertical / Product / Trade Lane Heads
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Commercial Officer
Senior Vice President
Regional Vice President
Sales / Operations Directors

CEOs, VPs & Directors...

There are various websites and firms out there estimating the cost of a bad hire with the general consensus being that it’s somewhere around three to four times the employee’s total package, so a C-level executive could take you well over the $1m mark.

Aside from the monetary figure, hiring the wrong senior management candidate will also cost a considerable amount in time, reputation, but most importantly, employee morale.

How can you safeguard against the above? Firstly, make sure you work with an industry specialist (one that focuses solely on freight forwarding), agree on the brief AND work together to define the hiring process that will work for you.

Freight Appointments will consult with you over the best process for specifically your organisation. There is no ‘one size fits all’ product when it comes to executive search, so it’s important that our approach is tailored.

Our guarantee:

  1. Each candidate you receive will be qualified for the position
  2. Candidates will usually be coming from your main competitors providing this is your target
  3. Our search is very discreet, often not naming our client until an interview is requested (we understand that these hires are often replacements for current appointments)
  4. We’ve got your back! We'll not only be with you from start to finish of the assignment, but for a long time afterwards. If there's any way we can support the development of your new senior executive and assist in the growth of the team underneath them, that will be our priority

Candidates Testimonials

Some testimonials left by candidates we helped find new opportunities
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Lewis is a pleasure to work with. He has a firm knowledge of our industry, is very transparent with his clients, and follows up when he says he will. Thank you Lewis for an excellent experience and helping me find the next chapter!

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Erin Buckingham
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Lewis Bunn is a phenomenal recruiter!!! He helped get my foot in the door with several top knotch freight forwarders and I received a job offer in hand within two weeks of my first interview!! Lewis is passionate about helping people. If your looking for a career change - Lewis will be there for you every step of the way!!

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Kim Diamond
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First class professional, we talked about one role and ended up taking a different route that exceeded all of my expectations. I cannot thank Lewis enough in what he did for my career.

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Neil Gordon
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