Middle Management

The best managers are vital to an organization to ensure both local and regional teams remain focused and productive.

Operations Managers
Air & Ocean Managers
Station & Terminal Managers
Customs Brokerage Managers
Regional & District Managers
Import & Export Managers
Gateway Managers
Branch Managers
Compliance Managers

The middle management team makes the daily decisions on a local level that will impact the direction of the branch or branches in that territory.

These decisions have a far-reaching impact on the wider organisation so finding a manager with the right level of experience is key.

It's no good hiring an Operations Manager who has managed one small team to come on as a Branch Manager to look after a branch of upwards of 25 people across operations and sales.

It’s also unlikely to work if you take on a Regional Manager with a background of managing a large team across multiple locations to look after a small team at one branch.

We will bring you candidates who fit the brief and who will be able to hit the ground running.

Candidates Testimonials

Some testimonials left by candidates we helped find new opportunities
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Working with Freight Appointments was a refreshing experience in a tough job market. In these current times working with a highly motivated, professional and responsive recruiter is not so easy to come across. Thanks Lewis and Freight Appointments! I look forward to working with you again.

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Brett M
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At a delicate time in both my personal and professional life, Mica appeared like my lucky star. Never forgot about me even if months went by. When I was ready, we had a wonderful intro meeting, and the rest is history. Within a week I was assigned 5 interviews and on the 3rd one I clicked. The time frame was 2 weeks and a day from initial contact to verbal hiring agreement. I am very happy where I am and owe this young woman so much. Passionate, fun, professional and focus. Never had I had the opportunity to work with such a talented recruiter. I hope she gets noticed because she stands out from the crowd. Gracias Mica, lo mejor del mundo siempre. We shall always keep in touch.

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Marc M
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I had a wonderful experience using this service. Thomas was absolutely great every step of the way. Very responsive and knowledgeable as well as being assertive in knowing my value. Thank you for your assistance I would definitely recommend anyone out there looking for placement go here. You will be meet with kindness and respect. 10 out of 10

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Nequita O
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