Optimizing your LinkedIn profile ready for your next job search

Our tips for ensuring you have a strong profile on LinkedIn, ready for your next job search

I’d estimate that during my recruitment career, I’ve viewed close to 10,000 profiles. Here are some tips that can make your profile stand out more against the next candidate.

1. Having a recent, professional profile picture

Whether you have a profile picture has a big impact on whether people will view your profile or not. Rightly or wrongly, profiles with no picture can be seen as being out of date or unused accounts.

2. Writing an accurate but enticing title

LinkedIn will default your title to your current job title and company, which is fine. However, a bespoke title which outlines your experience as a whole can often be more attractive.

3. Up-to-date contact details

One of the most important aspects of your profile is giving recruiters or hiring managers the opportunity to contact you if you’re not connected. LinkedIn allows you to show your email address to just your connections or everyone on the platform.

4. Regular activity

Being active on LinkedIn shows recruiters and hiring managers that you’re more likely to respond. It will also show your profile to more people who are getting involved in conversations. Liking and commenting on content goes a long way.

5. Correct & up-to-date positions

One of the most vital sections of your LinkedIn profile is the experience section. This should be an exact copy of your previous positions.

6. Descriptions to go along with each position

Leaving this area blank doesn’t give recruiters or hiring managers an idea of what your responsibilities were. Including a run-down of your duties will make people more likely to reach out, if they’re looking to speak to professionals with similar experience. It'll also make it easier for hiring managers to find you if they use the search facility to look for particular experience such as handling bills of lading, HAWBs etc.

7. Recommendations

Having recommendations from industry professionals or acquaintances can dramatically boost the impact your LinkedIn profile has to potential recruiters or hiring managers. Ask previous employees or managers if they can spare a couple of minutes to leave one on your profile.

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