Warning signs that a new job may not live up to expectations

Be careful of these warning signs before accepting your next job

Whether you are moving into a new industry, moving up the ladder in your current company or simply taking a new job, any changes career-wise are big decisions that must be carefully thought out.

Watch out for some of these warning signs before signing that offer letter.

Future progression opportunities are unclear

Of course, it is important not to get ahead of yourself when applying for a new position. However, it is more important for future career prospects to be clear and considered. If the hiring manager cannot say with confidence where you may find yourself in three to five years, be wary unless you’re not looking to work your way up.

Ask for examples of career progression with that hiring manager and the company in general.

Job responsibilities & duties seem vague

We find this is more prevalent in junior and entry level positions, though it can certainly happen in more senior roles. If a company is unsure of the exact responsibilities of the position, it’s possible that you will be asked to complete extra tasks once you start working there. It could even be that some internal fires need to be extinguished which can cause a whole new list of issues.

The job has been active for too long

“We haven’t found anyone yet as we’re looking for the perfect candidate”

As a staffing firm, we regularly hear this from hiring managers. If a company is turning away applicants who are clearly qualified for the position, they often have unrealistic expectations.

Current employees are unhappy

Even if everything else looks good, try speaking to some people who currently work, or have previously worked for the company in question or try asking some mutual connections. Asking around may working for said company will be able to provide the most honest, accurate and fair feedback on what it’s like working there.

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